Just like at home, we can use different spaces if and when we wish to, so choice is important.
Our main facilities include:

  • Spacious Dining and Sitting Rooms
  • Sun Lounges
  • Oratory
  • Residents / Family Coffee Room
  • Family Rest room with overnight stay facilities
  • Library
  • Shop

Residents are afforded many different settings and spaces to relax and enjoy a cuppa or just to people watch.
Some of our other facilities include:

  • Laundry
  • Education Centre
  • Therapy Rooms
  • Gym
  • Courtyards and Sensory Gardens
  • Spacious Gardens with walk ways
  • Fully Disability Friendly
  • Staff Dining Area & Changing Area
  • Snoozeleen room
  • Hairdressing salon
  • Wheelchair accessible bus

physical care facilities

garden facilities

laundry facilities